The way learning and living is complicated when we have trouble with organization

Later is ok

A word about timing here.  We know that kids with executive function disorders mature more slowly than the norm.  Pushing them to drive at 16, graduate high school “on time” at 18, go to college 3 months later and become independent then is often unrealistic and can cause ENORMOUS Trouble.  

I had a conversation with a mother of a 6 year old today who was told that her child was “behind” because she isn’t reading on her own yet.  People! Differences in hitting normal milestones are not disasters!  Taking a look at what is coming easily to this little girl and what is giving her some trouble is the thing to do.  We should be doing that with each kid! Some will be blowing through achievement timelines in one area and “behind” in others.  The question in both cases is “what does s/he need to master skill x ?” 

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