The way learning and living is complicated when we have trouble with organization

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Top 5 things I would have schools do in support of kids with less than optimal executive functions

1. Support all faculty in being competent with and attentive to email communications, especially at times when students are likely to be doing homework such as evenings Sunday – Thursday
2. Support all faculty in Posting all assignments and the materials needed for them (worksheets, notes, readings, etc.) as well as due dates, on a generally accessible web site (like
3. Maintain a similar spot where students and their parents can check whether assignments have been turned in.
4. Replace the almost instinctive belief in student laziness with its opposite, and communicate actively to students that you believe they can and want to learn whatever subject you teach.
5. Arrange to have most student work done in school, and provide staffed “study hall” time in which students can complete their “homework” prior to leaving school for the day.

Hello world!

Welcome to a discussion on Executive Dysfunction, a set of obstacles to smooth management of life’s challenges which impacts people who may have any of a number of diagnoses (or none) from ADHD to Traumatic Brain Injury, mood disorders to stroke and Alzheimers Disease.  I am interested in EDF (Executive Dysfunction) because it cuts across so many diagnostic clusters.  If we can learn how to treat EDF better, we can help so many people live more productive and satisfying lives.  I’ll post thoughts here, and I hope others will do the same sharing their experiences with EDF.