The way learning and living is complicated when we have trouble with organization

A paradox of extra time

Often an accommodation of “extra time” is made for students and workers who have a diagnosis that includes Executive Dysfunction.  They need extra time on tests and other assignments, but they may also need a reduced workload.  An example is a child who has 10 math questions for homework but it takes her the hour most kids use to complete just 5 of them.  The same child may also need to do 20 such questions to get the process involved really learned.  She needs both more time to answer fewer questions, and more practice to achieve knowledge and fluency than her classmates do with less. Unfortunately we cannot make more time in the day, and school schedules are packed!  What to do?   

One thing schools can do is to plan some practice time into the class period. Practice won’t harm anyone doing a little more than they strictly need, but it will help those who need a bit more.  Parents can facilitate practice at homework time, but many children have too much homework already.  It is a problem!

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