The way learning and living is complicated when we have trouble with organization

19 demerits for cutting classes, study group, study hall and afternoon study hall

6 demerits for skipping Saturday detentions

4 demerits for unauthorized cell phone use

3 demerits for throwing copper in chemistry

1 demerit for spitballs

1 demerit for wrestling in the hall

1 demerit for talking in detention

7 demerits for being excessively disruptive in classes

1 demerit for insulting another student

2 demerits for class tardies

5 demerits for inappropriate use of technology

Comments on: "What does the list below suggest to you?" (2)

  1. This looks like a downward spiraling attitude problem, triggered by failure of the parents/teachers to recognize and provide appropriate support for a person with ADD/ADHD or other executive dysfunction.

  2. Yes indeed! This was the list which resulted in a 10th grade boy being asked to depart from his school 3 quarters through the year. He had been diagnosed in 5th grade and had a prescription for stimulant medication but was inconsistent in its use. The school interpreted the problem as one of a personal responsibility / discipline nature and applied punishment as a solution.

    The school is a fine one, the family is as well. The kid is a smart one, and since he has been out of the punishment cycle and supported with consistency on his meds, an updated neuropsych evaluation, as well as encouragement and praise for his effort-success cycle, he is doing just fine. The remaining self-esteem deficit is going to take some time to uproot.

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